Leica ULTRA Locator – ADVANCE

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The ULTRA System has unique flexible operating modes to help you easily decide the right mode for your locating application and site conditions.

  • Signal optimization
  • Transmitter remote control
  • Bluetooth survey interface compatible with ZENO, VIVA GS14/15

Precision locating, for utility tracing

The complexity of underground utility networks are continually increasing. So obtaining precise information on the location of buried utilities has never been more important. The protection of buried assets during excavation work demands accurate mapping and surveying of existing utilities.

The Leica ULTRA provides our most advanced precision utility tracing system. Intelligent signal processing has been integrated with unique flexible operating modes, to help save you time and increased confidence in your results. Selectable antenna and customised frequencies optimises your instrument for site specific applications, supported by our AIM system which monitors signal interference levels, recommending which mode to use for the best results.

Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM)

When working in congested environments, external interferences can affect the effectiveness of utility tracing. To guard against interference, the Leica ULTRA incorporates advanced Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM), which analyses the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for accurate utility tracing.

Offset measuring

There will always be an occasion when the utility runs close to, or underneath an obstruction. With Offset Measuring, the Leica ULTRA can locate the target line if not directly accessible from above. The function uses the available data to estimate the horizontal and vertical (depth) distance.

Transmitter to receiver link

Advanced communication link between the Leica ULTRA receiver and transmitter, enables you to control the transmitter directly from the receiver. Work smarter and at greater distances to help achieve best practice whilst reducing time spent walking to the transmitter.



    • Large backlit high visibility LCD screen
    • Clear display provides clear, improved and confident location and utility tracing

    • Configure for site specific applications
    • User configurable modes from 50 Hz to 200 kHz
    • Choose from 100 pre-selected frequencies or customise your own frequencies

    • Shows the user the direction of the utility they are locating / tracing

    • Enable wireless communications with software running on a laptop, survey field PC or other GPS enabled device

    • Choose between 5W and 12W transmitter power outputs for superior tracing performance

    • IP65 protection
    • Fulfils toughest standards – shock resistant, protected against water and dust ingress

    • Configure antenna to best optimise for your job site
    • Select between more range, sharper response, noise cancelling or easier sweeping

    • Identifying your target utility amongst multiple parallel utilities
    • Apply a special direction enabled signal from the transmitter, the receiver will display an arrow on the compass heading to guide you along the designated utility path

Unlock the power

Configure the Leica ULTRA for site specific applications. Custom build your receiver and transmitter.

Choose from over 100 preselected frequencies, or customise your own frequency for highly specialised applications.

Automatically capture the instruments location data to ensure adherence to best practice. The data logging feature allows the user to record external GPS coordinates and download with the datafile as a KML or CSV format. Upload into GIS systems or Google Maps to confirm where, when and how the work was performed.





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