Leica Sprinter 50

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Leica Sprinter 50 essential primary construction work

The Leica Sprinter 50 digital level is the perfect instrument for standard daily levelling work. Simply target and focus then click one button to measure. Results are calculated quickly and with functions that reduce errors, including the tilt sensor which prevents measurements being taken if the operator is outside the compensator range. Read the results with confidence knowing that they are all error free!

Accurate Optics

Make use of the highly accurate optical elements and use as a standard level by focusing on the staff in the traditional manor.

One Click Action

Simple and easy to use one press button, the Sprinter 50 doesn’t require any comprehensive training. Point and shoot, that’s it!


With the use of a bar coded staff there is no need for optical readings. The staff itself ascertains both the height and distance which is then shown on the very clear LCD display. This avoids confusion when reading the results.


  • Leica Sprinter 50 Digital Level
  • 4x AA Batteries
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual


Technical Information of the Leica Sprinter 50

  • Height Accuracy
  • Measurements Electronically with Sprinter barcode staff: 2.0mm
  • Measurements with Optics: 2.5mm
  • Distance Accuracy: 10 mm for D < 10 m and for D > 10 m
  • Single Measurement Time: 3 seconds
  • Compensator: Magnet damped pendulum
  • Telescope: Magnification 24x
  • Environmental Standards: IP55
  • Power Type: AA Batteries


Sprinter series Brochure


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